Spiritualism is the belief in spirits. People who are alive now have a spirit which is intertwined with their soul and sometimes the words 'spirit' and 'soul' are both used to express the same thing.

A spirit is a subtle body for which the layers of our subtle bodies make up our Aura, or energy field. Chakras are energy centres in our bodies. They are manifested in the womb as we develop and we can work to balance or upgrade the functionality of our Chakras to help us to meditate and achieve enlightenment. To activate or meditate on our Chakras, you can focus energy on the area of a particular Chakra and see whether you can feel it there.

The 1-7 Chakras are focused on using their inate colour:

Root - Muladhara
Sacral - Svadhisthara
Solar Plexus - Manipura
Heart - Anaharta
Throat - Vishudda
Third Eye - Ajna
Crown - Sahasrara

Created by Michael Ashworth

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