Crystals (a.k.a Gemstones) are objects that can be programmed to work on energy and programming things into being.

For example, I have my "Green Aventurine" crystals programmed to BLOCK and SEND BACK any negative energies people wish for me.

Also, Ive asked The Divine itself, to give all my crystals a function and a name, and the energies of my crystals are then programmed into being by myself and The Divine in perfect syncronicity.

Most crystal owners use their crystals primarily for protection, for which Ive got my "Black Tourmaline" crystals that do that in an infinite loop and the rest of my crystals have a Divine purpose separate to protection of myself and for others.

The most famous type of crystal is "Clear Quartz", for which I have many of. They are classed as "All Rounders" and they are able to have negative energy inside them without it effecting their capabilities for programming and other comprehended uses of them. The Clear Quartz believe that negative energies wont exist forever, since they are programming love into being as the main type of energy available for people now, and forever in the future.

Heres a list of Crystals that should be in every crystal owners collection:
Clear Quartz
Rose Quartz
Tourmalated Quartz
Black Tourmaline
Green Aventurine
Lapiz Lazulis

Created by Michael Ashworth

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